I urge all managers to consider building some of Julie’s workshops into your working week – you will notice a difference very quickly! 

Julie worked with us across a 2 month period in early 2021, at a time when everything in the world felt very disconnected as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. Our team needed a big ‘boost’ and ‘pick-me-up’ in order to face a new year, which held so many uncertainties personally and professionally..  As a manager I could really sense unease and anxiety across the team.  Julie worked hard with us over 2 months to regulate our stress responses through an amazing range of breath techniques and gentle stretch/yoga movements.  I quickly noticed such a positive change in the overall mood and resilience of the team, within a short couple of weeks!  Some of the team regularly mailed me to say how wonderful they felt after our weekly morning sessions with Julie. They felt calmer, less alone and reassured that they now how this little ‘tool-kit’ to help them better cope with working, and living, in the virtual world.  I cannot recommend Julie’s approach enough.  Her dedication spreading the message of wellness is something that is missing from a lot of corporate agencies.